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2014.08.30 - cr.
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can’t help myself but count the flaws
claw my way out through these walls

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Yixing Outfits 5

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dont let tumblr make you think

  • school isnt important
  • its okay to be rude to your parents
  • its normal to hate everyone
  • self harm and suicide are romantic or great
  • being rude is cute
  • being a female who hits or yells at your boyfriend is woman empowerment
  • depression and other mental illnesses are beautiful
  • grades arent important
  • education isnt important
  • college isnt important
  • smoking is cool
  • drugs are cool
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“Every time someone says we don’t need feminism anymore, things like this come to mind. Due to insufficient dowry this young girl’s husband lacerated her face with a razor blade.” (Gwalior - India) - ph. Adrian Fisk

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Siwon resurrecting humans and eyebrows

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Please Reblog if you think it’s alright for a young girl to have short hair


Ok so my sister [shes 10] wants to cut her hair short [similar to Rhianna] and my mom says that it’s wrong and ugly for a girl to cut her hair short [ive been told that yet I cut it] And I want to show her that that’s just not how things work, That any girl can have short hair if they want and still look “girly” or “ladylike” as my mom would say

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