let's dream;
Shine on me, Let it shine on me
My embrace, Let it Shine
Shine on me, Let it shine on me
In my arms, Let it shine

LEO - CéCi (©)

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my copycat/faceless

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I just imagined Yongguk lying down trying to read a book while his 2 month old baby is nestled on his chest. She sneezes and he drops his book (obviously not on the baby) out of surprise. He pats her back gently as she wiggles a little, smooshing her cheeks into dad’s chest. He breaks out into a huge gummy smile and just strokes her upturned cheek. 

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These purge threats are not a joke. Please stay safe


112 people have been killed in Chicago by a group of people reenacted the purge movies.  If your city has been listed as a target; Detroit, MI (8/15) Louisville, KY (8/15), Jacksonville, FL (8/31); please stay inside and take precautions.